Solutions Architect

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  • Non-Life - Data Science
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  • Quebec, Canada
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  • Mar 3, 2021
  • Help clients identify and analyze needs for various critical and cross-sector projects
  • Design the architecture of advanced analytical applications by selecting the appropriate technologies for ingestion, transformation and automated roll-out
  • Advise and assist your partners in the positioning, planning, development, execution and monitoring of various projects
  • Coordinate studies and the positioning, feasibility and detailed design phases. Recommend technology
  • Develop, produce and apply conceptual and logic models as well as design, implementation and integration strategies
  • Ensure cross-sector coordination with the decision-making bodies involved in projects and provide support and follow-up as required
  • Oversee projects needed to ensure the quality, performance, reliability, availability and continuous improvement of technology solutions and systems
  • Advise technical teams in the design and execution of solutions
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or in a related field
  • A minimum of 8 years of relevant experience in business intelligence, large-scale DW/Big Data projects
  • Experience in Microsoft Azure infrastructure services
  • Experience in solutions architecture for large data volumes and both structured and unstructured data
  • Experience in cloud-based data security, protection and governance
  • Experience in the operationalization and implementation of artificial intelligence models
  • Experience with and knowledge of Agile methodologies
  • Programming experience using Python, R, .Net, Java or other relevant languages
  • Knowledge of French is required
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Azure for analytics and data science
  • Knowledge of cloud computing automation and orchestration practices and tools such as Bitbucket, Terraform, Azure DevOps, ARM Template or equivalent
  • Knowledge of DevOps practices
  • Knowledge of NoSQL
  • \Knowledge of analytics and data science in Google cloud computing
  • Knowledge of Power BI and Tableau data visualization tools