Vice President

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  • Non-Life - Actuarial
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  • Florida, United States
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  • Oct 8, 2020
  • Review risk analyses from Junior Brokers.
  • Develop and present innovative solutions and approaches for client needs and complex risk situations.
  • Respond to queries and concerns, revolving issues promptly to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Oversee production of documents and follow-up on policy documentation.
  • Assist with identifying and pursuing potential opportunities to win new clients and projects.
  • Handle multiple assignments and assist senior-level Brokers in serving larger or more complex clients.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with insurers, reinsurers, clients, and colleagues to provide complex solutions to clients.
  • Advise on complex risks and negotiate transactions for clients.
  • Leverage broad knowledge of coverage lines, markets and other specialized products to improve client service.
  • Check contract documents and bond forms, as well as banking terms and conditions.
  • Liaise with client on terms and conditions of General Agreement of Indemnity required to be executed by clients to support all surety transactions.
  • Identify financial statements for all industries with specific knowledge of each industries unique financial metrics.
  • Develop innovative solutions, respond to client queries, oversee account management, and provide assistance with pursuing opportunities.
  • Responsible for risk management and insurance program design.
  • Leverage knowledge in insurance market conditions and Latin American reinsurance market.
  • Utilize advantage point, GainsafteR, and FAClab.
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Actuarial Science, or related field of study plus two years of experience.
  • Must have two years of experience with: risk management and insurance program design; insurance market conditions; Latin American reinsurance market; Advantage point; GainsafteR; and FAClab.