Product Lead

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  • Non-Life - Actuarial
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  • Aug 26, 2020
  • Providing strong guidance to the squads by being an advocate for our values whilst creating a positive and supportive working environment for the squads.
  • Coaching, developing, and line managing the Product Owners of the core Data and Analytics and Pricing squads.
  • Providing clear goals to the product owners and being an escalation point whilst allowing them to guide and direct their product to meet the key results set out in the quarterly process.
  • Engaging and educating key stakeholders across Pricing and leading in the power and benefits of the platform, building strong relationships and significant product demand.
  • Staying ahead by comparing our solutions to others available in the market and using external resources and connections to further develop our product vision.
  • Working closely with the Head of Advanced Analytics and the Head of Pricing to create a product roadmap that aligns to our strategic priorities.
  • Reviewing customer feedback, owning the quality of the products, and understand what we release and when.
  • Continuously improving our approach to product management. Carving out time to learn and develop.
  • Have experience in data and analytics with an in-depth knowledge of how it drives an insurance business, with knowledge of insurance pricing preferred.
  • Be enthusiastic about data, analytics, and technology with an in-depth knowledge of how it can drive a business forward and a curiosity to learn and create.
  • Have a keen interest in how machine learning, AI and Big Data are disrupting the marketplace, with an understanding of how this is used across different verticals and what the art of the possible looks like.
  • Be an excellent communicator at all levels, with experience working closely with a wide range of people including the engineering teams, business executives, technology leaders, and c-suite.
  • Be experienced with an open, honest, and supportive management style and have a proven track record of managing high performing teams.
  • Be a creative and pragmatic problem solver, always looking for solutions to business and technology problems.
  • Be a positive and supportive influence for the squads, leading through vision and ensuring everyone understands the why.
  • Be an outstanding rational and structural thinker, with the ability to operate on a detailed level but also see the bigger picture.
  • Be experienced and passionate about agile methodologies and working practices with experience of supporting tools such as Jira.