Head of Business Development & Structuring

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  • Non-Life - Actuarial
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  • England
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  • Jul 10, 2020
  • Working with the team in developing and expanding its strategic approach to the market, and leading certain initiatives on target markets, and with facilitators and clients.
  • Review and assessment of structure options for new acquisitions.
  • Producing reports and recommendations for senior management on all matters.
  • Working with the Acquisition Strategy, FP&A and Finance teams on BD initiatives to provide optimal capital structuring and pricing solutions for the company and our clients.
  • Investigation, feasibility study and documentation of capital optimization strategies, including but not limited to alternative capital structures, identification of any trapped capital, approach to asset allocation.
  • Assess market wide Financial, Actuarial, Business Management, Investment and Reinsurance capital solutions.
  • - Assessing debt, reinsurance and other solutions to transaction structuring to deliver optimal capital and pricing solutions.
  • Assessment of performance metrics for capital deployment and review possible new options.
  • Managing bank relationships, including assessment and implementation of new debt structures.
  • Ensuring compliance with respect to existing debt facilities, and maintenance of required debt funding on an on-going basis.
  • Assessing alternative structures for operating in Europe, and leading due diligence and reporting of recommendations.
  • - Leading implementation of approved plans for operating in the EEA.
  • Developing relationships and leads in the EEA market with clients and facilitators.
  • Leading acquisition opportunity, including assessment of optimal capital/debt structures.
  • Operations of international insurance markets.
  • Insurance regulation in the UK and internationally as appropriate.
  • Business Planning including strategic thought leadership.
  • Capital management.
  • Restructuring experience.