Data Scientist

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  • Life - Data Science
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  • Ontario, Canada
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  • Mar 10, 2020
  • Find opportunities for optimization and can leverage appropriate models to test the effectiveness of different courses of action.
  • Builds and implements models, develops algorithms, and creates simulations.
  • Must be very comfortable writing production-ready code to include testing and maintenance infrastructure, and able to put models and analysis into production with no support from engineering.
  • Proficiency in either Python or R, and expertise in SQL.
  • Experience working with AWS or another cloud-based computing platform.
  • Experience and working knowledge of data infrastructure, pipelines, and advanced data manipulation.
  • Experience with BI tools like Tableau or Looker, or any other industry tool such Qlik, PowerBI, Spotfire, etc.
  • Excellent communication ability, you can explain your work in a way that anyone on the team can understand, and you can frame problems in a way that ensures the right question is being asked.
  • Business Acumen, you are always eager to understand how the business works, and more specifically, how your work impacts the business.
  • Enthusiastic yet humble, you are excited about the work you do, but you are also humble enough to embrace feedback you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room.
  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, data science or related field of study.
  • Experience retraining a model within a few days or update a model within one day.
  • Capable of performing an in-depth analysis and summarizing findings in one day.
  • Comfortable having conversations with our executive team and non-technical team members to distill down their needs and to deliver actionable insights.