Head of Actuarial

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  • Oct 11, 2019
Bank or Investment Advisory
  • Ensure strategic alignment with Group and business objectives.
  • Lead a team of actuarial and modeling professionals to help Group Actuarial on exercising oversight to the actuaries within the entities; and assist entity Chief Actuaries and teams to carry out various statutory duties and internal requirement.
  • Engage with stakeholder management internally and externally with resource management and prioritization to utilize actuarial and modeling capacity.
  • Lead development and implementation of appropriate tools, processes and model infrastructure for identification, measurement, monitoring, mitigation in risk, financial and capital management.
  • Review and re-engineer processes and work flows on a continual basis from control and efficiency perspectives, through the establishment of a clear role and responsibilities within 3 lines of defense framework.
  • Prophet Enterprise & Prophet Managed Cloud Service, Manage and maintain a platform for cash flow models for actuarial valuation on various reporting standards. Focus on the development of the models which will be sign-off by the users at Group and Entity level. Will also manage the ongoing review on the need to upgrade the model, infrastructure, and new products offered from the vendor.
  • Economic Scenario Generation, focused on the platform and production of ESG for various reporting purposes, risk-neutral and real-world, that supports Economic Capital, Statutory Capital, IFRS 17 reporting as needed.
  • Actuarial models, include but not limit to PE & PMCS described above, that serves the purposes in the stress testing, financial and capital projection and strategic planning.
  • Data Governance, Work with relevant entities and group CDO on implementation of data FIMs, with a focus on actuarial data.
  • Lead a sizable team of actuaries and modeling experts circa 30 across two locations to enable the effective delivery of targets and requirements.
  • Continual challenges to balance competing priorities and objectives with significant demands on actuarial resource from all stakeholders; with flexible management of internal resource allocation within the team to optimize the resource utilization.