Actuary, AXIS Implementation

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  • Nebraska, United States
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  • Aug 7, 2019
  • Fully dedicated project resource focused on actuarial modernization initiatives.
  • For each model responsible for, heavily involved in all phases of the build process:
  • For both data and model requirements, and with the support of subject matter experts, gather information necessary to build the model and extract.
  • Participate in designing the ideal model structure for the given models, while adhering to holistic model design principals, focusing on scalable, transparent, controlled, and automated solutions.
  • Translate model requirements into technical specifications and then perform the model build activities, focusing on attaining consistency across products, with a ‘first principles’ model build mindset rather than a conversion mindset.
  • Participate in various testing related activities across all impacted actuarial functions, including unit testing, regression testing, aggregate reconciliations, in accordance with agreed upon testing strategy for thresholds, variance bucketing, attribution, etc.
  • Develop documentation for new models and affected processes to a degree such that parties unfamiliar with our processes or models can understand how processes flow or how models operate.
  • Complete tasks as assigned in the project plan, and track progress against milestones. Complete work by milestone dates, or communicate early and often if slippage is beginning to occur.
  • Identifies and assesses risk in actuarial responsibilities. Complies with actuarial standards of practice, precepts and enterprise risk management responsibilities. Supports enterprise wide risk management initiatives as they relate to actuarial modernization.
  • Attainment of ASA or FSA designation.
  • 3+ Years’ experience with GGY AXIS, with at least 2 years in LTC, DI, Medicare Supplement, or Supplemental health modeling.
  • Thorough actuarial background, as well as thorough background in Actuarial Science, Math, Statistics, Economics and/or Computer Science.
  • Aptitude for statistical interpretation, a working knowledge of advanced actuarial assumptions and formulae and accounting practices.
  • Thorough financial background.
  • Strong oral and written communication and human relations skills.
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Product and industry knowledge.
  • Experience in the development of financial reports.
  • Preferred:
  • Experience working in Axis conversion projects.
  • Knowledge of personal computer applications used for analysis.
  • Ability to teach or foster development in others.
  • Ability to make others comply in fair, equitable non punishing fashion.