Senior/Principal Storm Surge Scientist

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  • Non-Life - CAT Modeling
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  • California, United States
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  • Aug 6, 2019
  • Provide expert guidance and contribute to the development of the Company internal view of storm risk using hydrodynamic modeling, probabilistic hazard analysis, data analysis, claims/damage data evaluation, and other independent research tasks and incorporate the developed products into the risk methodology used by the CAT team.
  • Manage and contribute to the development of internal storm surge analytics based on the SLOSH and ADCIRC models and other storm surge products available from NOAA.
  • Perform an in-depth evaluation of the storm surge hazard components of vendor models.
  • Use geospatial analyses to evaluate storm surge risk metrics and integrate results into underwriting tools and workflow.
  • Conduct training on the storm surge hazard and developed tools to team members.
  • Review accounts at risk for storm surge losses as part of the CAT E&A process and communicate findings to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provide operational assistance during real-time catastrophe events and contribute to real-time estimation of losses to the company portfolio.
  • Conduct research on a wide range of natural hazard topics to develop risk management strategies.
  • M.S./Ph.D. degree in oceanography, atmospheric science, civil engineering, or related field.
  • Minimum of 2 years related work experience; 5 years of work experience required for Principal Scientist position.
  • Strong understating of tropical cyclone storm surge and previous experience developing or running hydrodynamic models and assessing modeling output for scientific integrity.
  • A thorough understanding of catastrophe models and a proven ability to critically evaluate model hazard output.
  • Experience developing hydrodynamic model grids and a thorough knowledge of assessing and utilizing topographic and bathymetric datasets.
  • General understanding of tropical cyclones and wind field modeling.
  • Highly motivated, detail oriented, and a team player with the motivation to work on shared and multidisciplinary projects.
  • Proficient programming and scripting skills.
  • Familiarity with GIS software and performing geospatial analyses on large datasets.
  • Advanced knowledge of probability and statistics.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Preferred:
  • Ph.D. degree in oceanography, atmospheric science, civil engineering, or related field.
  • Proficiency running the SLOSH model in Linux/Unix environment and using SLOSH-related software to visualize and process model output.
  • Experience numerical modeling within a high-performance computing framework.
  • Advanced GIS software and programming skills.
  • Practical experience in insurance.