Model Validation Officer

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  • May 23, 2019
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  • Independent technical review. Of applied quantitative methods and calculation tools having a material impact on figures that are used as management/steering information to run the business or figures that are published externally. This includes all underlying models, like data processing models, assumption models and aggregation models.
  • You are responsible for an effective technical review of a number of moderate and complex models, work according to planning, check progress versus planning and report when this deviates, thereby showing a self-reliant attitude.
  • High quality validation reports. These reports encompass both a quantitative and a qualitative assessment of a model, containing a mix of conceptual soundness & developmental evidence, outcome and performance analysis. You are responsible for the delivery and guarding of high quality validation reports in an effective manner.
  • The validation report includes an advice to various stakeholders and committees whether a particular model is in/valid for a given intended use with specific recommendations for further improvements.
  • You are able to present MV’s advice to committees and in meetings with stakeholders.
  • You contribute and are responsible for the delivery and validity of Model Validation Policies. You are able to present any part of this framework to our main internal and external stakeholders.
  • You are able to contribute to the optimal functioning of the MV team, and thereby coach and instruct employees to accomplish their tasks.
  • Minimum a Master’s degree in quantitative studies like Econometrics, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Physics, etc.
  • Over 6 years in an insurance company as an actuary working on and using risk and cash flow models having strong knowledge of insurance products and/or quantitative modeler in the financial industry with a particular focus on asset/capital management modelling, preferably from a Model Validation perspective.
  • Focus on high quality delivery.
  • Quantitative intuition for oversight of modelling including ability to critically assess quantitative risk management models and draw key conclusions.
  • Communication skills to advice peer specialists and management, committees, internal & external auditors and supervisors combined with strong writing skills.
  • Ability to distil, prioritize and present key messages of MV to Model Committees, CRO and other key stakeholders.
  • Being customer oriented and able to build positive working relationships while at the same time having a strong independent stance.
  • Ability to review processes in an abstract manner to identify and work on opportunities for efficiency and/or improving quality of deliverables produced.