Actuary, Long Term Care

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  • Nebraska, United States
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  • Apr 24, 2019
  • Develops actuarial models, methods, procedures, and systems. Keeps abreast of and analyzes legislative and other changes to determine their effect on assumptions and formulas. Makes recommendations to management on required courses of action. Maintains actuarial software and validates that it continues to meet requirements.
  • Provides recommendations to management based on analysis of financial and non-financial data regarding trends and indicators for the product or product grouping.
  • May have opportunities to manage the development and analysis of financial models for use in SAP & GAAP valuation, loss recognition testing, cash flow testing, product analysis, distribution analysis, financial planning, pricing, and acquisition/divestitures.
  • May have opportunities to direct financial impact assessment activities related to compliance changes and other environmental factors impacting a product or product grouping.
  • May have opportunities to prepare actuarial memoranda for filing with state insurance departments, as well as leading communications and explanations of financial results with external auditors, internal auditors, rating agencies, senior management, and industry associations.
  • Identifies and assesses risk in actuarial responsibilities. Complies with actuarial standards of practice, precepts and enterprise risk management responsibilities. Supports enterprise wide risk management initiatives.
  • May have opportunities to plan, organize, staff, lead and control activities pertaining to actuaries including: planning projects and capital and human resource budgets; interviewing, selecting, and training subordinate staff; monitoring and appraising performance of subordinates to hold them accountable for end results; coaching and motivating subordinates; administering disciplinary action as needed; administering compensation to subordinates; ensuring that the unit or section complies with affirmative action guidelines.
  • May have opportunities to participate in recruiting candidates for professional Actuarial positions and serve on Company committees in an actuarial advisor capacity.
  • Extensive knowledge of Long Term Care products including related actuarial analysis such as valuation, loss recognition testing, and cash flow testing.
  • Thorough actuarial background, as well as thorough background in Actuarial Science, Math, Statistics, Economics and/or Computer Science. Aptitude for statistical interpretation, a strong knowledge of advanced actuarial assumptions, formulas and accounting practices.
  • Strong oral and written communication and human relations skills.
  • Attainment of the Fellowship or Associate of the Society of Actuaries designation.
  • Thorough financial background.
  • Extensive experience in the development of financial reports.
  • Extensive product, regulatory, and industry knowledge.
  • Wide degree of creativity and latitude.
  • Strong knowledge of personal computer applications common in actuarial practice.