Appointed Actuary

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  • Life - Actuarial
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  • Malaysia
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  • Feb 11, 2019
  • Certify that the valuation of actuarial and other policy liabilities is in accordance with:
  • Generally accepted actuarial principles and practices; and
  • Valuation principles, methods and assumptions set out in the guidelines.
  • Prepare the Financial Condition Report; Provide recommendations to the Board on the appropriateness of surplus distribution to policyholders or participants as well as any relevant distribution to shareholders.
  • Apply the appropriate tests to reasonably satisfy himself of the completeness and accuracy of the current database of business used to perform his duties.
  • Fellow of either: The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries of the United Kingdom; the Institute of Actuaries of Australia; the Canadian Institute of Actuaries; the Society of Actuaries of the United States of America; the Society of Actuaries in Ireland; the China Association of Actuaries; or holds any other qualifications as may be approved by Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • Possesses at least three years of relevant post qualification practical experience as a Fellow of one of the respective professional bodies.
  • Meets the relevant continued professional development requirements.
  • Has been assessed by the Board to have met the fit and proper requirements outlined in the Guidelines on Fit and Proper Criteria.