AVP, Pricing Actuary

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  • Non-Life - Actuarial
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  • Connecticut, United States
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  • Dec 11, 2018
  • Providing timely pricing and project work in support of team and departmental objectives.
  • Understand data requirements for accounts sufficient to produce data requests for underwriters.
  • Participate in account discussions with actuaries, underwriters, and other stakeholders.
  • Prioritize work to ensure delivery of a final product within the specified timeframes.
  • Understand insurance and reinsurance terminology including contract language found in reinsurance placement slips.
  • Utilize the company actuarial models and understand the underlying actuarial theory.
  • Participate on a variety of project teams.
  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree plus 1-3+ years of relevant work experience resulting in mastery of the fundamentals of pricing and modeling, a basic understanding of capital allocation and a broad understanding of actuarial concepts allowing for participation on a wide variety of project teams.
  • Mastery of pricing fundamentals include the ability to develop pure loss rates and aggregate distributions and to appropriately reflect the impact of treaty features in the final results.
  • Understands mathematical and statistical concepts in addition to transactional actuarial pricing theory as well as understanding complex reinsurance structures, basic market conditions and the motivation underlying client buying decisions.
  • Exhibits clear communication and good time management skills even under pressure.
  • Communicates clearly and succinctly whether in oral or written form.
  • Attentive and active listener.
  • Makes well informed decisions.
  • Identifies that a problem exists and applies basic critical thinking skills to develop solutions.
  • Exhibits intellectual curiosity to expand knowledge of actuarial and re/insurance topics.
  • Mastery of all standard rating techniques; able to develop aggregate loss distributions and compute the economic value of treaty features.
  • Is able to navigate existing systems and processes to accomplish stated business objectives effectively and efficiently.
  • Ability to see various micro level views on a topic or situation.