Sr Actuary

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  • Life - Actuarial
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  • Ohio, United States
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  • Mar 23, 2018
  • Review and adjustment of methodology and approach to setting investment policy
  • Analysis and change recommendations of Investment Policies for ~ 50 bill of General Account asset pools (including WAL, credit risk and liquidity), involving Investments and the Lines of Business and governance through the PRC
  • Identification of strategic opportunities to improve product competitiveness through ALM,including asset focused opportunities (for example, identification and analysis of new asset types, analysis of portfolio composition together with future investment strategy to identify alternate asset composition opportunities) and liability focused opportunities (adjustment of crediting strategies).
  • Execute governance to implement investment strategy recommendations
  • Development and maintenance of ALM reporting
  • Working with the Actuarial Modernization program to leverage new data, model and analysis/reporting infrastructure for all ALM and asset related applications
  • Execution and maintenance of (liability related) investment needs reporting
  • Quarterly allocation of net investment income, prepayment income and realized gains/losses to line of business/product level which is used for earnings as well as setting of future credited rates
  • Quarterly calculation of IMR and alternative asset income and allocation to business/product level
  • Execution and maintenance of company liquidity reporting including initiation of any necessary liquidity action
  • Facilitate short term company cash management through reporting and analysis of expected short term asset and liability cash flows
  • Builds, maintains, runs, and analyzes actuarial Models, using expert knowledge of actuarial projection and/or valuation models such that the models can be optimized to support multiple applications.
  • Establishes and understands reserves using in-depth knowledge and application of statutory, GAAP, and tax valuation standards for products.
  • Performs the analysis of risks for lines of business.
  • Performs financial reporting & analysis.
  • Performs pricing of products.
  • Undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or similar background requiring modeling, programming, or quantitative analysis.
  • Achievement of Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries. Membership in the Society of Actuaries and American Academy of Actuaries.
  • At least eight years of Actuarial experience
  • In-depth knowledge of actuarial business functions, statistical methods of analysis, company actuarial systems and databases, and their integration; technical facility with leading computer tools and technology; In-depth knowledge of actuarial viewpoint in a wide variety of actuarial subjects, and in Company, Industry, and Regulatory practices. In-depth knowledge of company operations, products, systems and actuarial methodologies.
  • Master/Expert in Microsoft Office products (including VBA within Access and Excel), programming languages and Actuarial models.
  • Basic level of organizational agility, conflict management, command skills, strategic agility, and motivating others.
  • Proficient level of delegation and accounting.
  • Mastery level of perspective, problem solving, dealing with ambiguity, customer focus, drive for results, learning on the fly, analysis, business perspective, and leveraging system capabilities.